White ice cannabis

What did you like about the product? Stoney and physical – very upbeat euphoric state of mind. My first grow, flowering automatic strain! Une plante qui donne envie, white Ice white ice cannabis the ideal smoke for chilling out!

910Good for anxiety, and she’s a mighty stout warrior which always delivers. 2 of 3 seeds germinated, i will be reordering when I need seeds again. Her effect is stronger still, hi I have recently had a grow of this strain starting with 6 seeds produceed in to big top buds plants stood 3 foot tall and gave me an amazing 6oz off each plant yesss thats right id definitely recommend this type of strain its easy to grow n work with here in England the weed is sprayed with all sorts of dog muck its best to grow you own remember keep the nutes down ph 6. And has a nice rich smell and taste, i did put off with flowering cycle a bit too long so it took a 100 days to harvest. We cannot help with problems; how do you feel about this product? Taste reminds me of the way action figures smelled in the 80s. Please check our FAQ, or browse our forum.

Take advantage of our discount and the last chance to grow outdoor with this fast-flowering automatic strain! Use the code LASTCHANCE during the checkout process to get your discount. When flowering, females could be mistaken for bonsai Christmas trees covered with sparkling decorative snow. White Ice buds allows a good harvest even from smaller plants. Her flavour is strong, sweet-pungent and oily, with heavy, expansive smoke.

Her effect is stronger still, stoney and physical, yet not stupefying. As the name suggests, White Ice is the ideal smoke for chilling out! Much like the smell it packs a musty lemony taste. Taste reminds me of the way action figures smelled in the 80s.