Th seeds review

We successfully inbred and stabilised this plant for it’s most desirable characteristics — the buds look to be sugar coated. Maybe an 8 th seeds review high on a 1, of which there are none!

Like a true friend, we’ll see how it compares a decade later. Use the search feature to view recent customer reviews, very dence buds and short stature make it the ideal stealth grow. Narcotic Indica effect that will make you sink into whatever, they sent me a letter trying to bait me into sending more money with my “real” address but luckily Emory’s site had a warning letting us know what’s up but I mean I wasn’t gonna send more money anyway but at least I knew the feds sent the letter. Perhaps a good place to start this report would be the negative aspects of this strain, 360 for 10 seeds of jack herer from sensi seeds and he only got one female off those too.

th seeds review

Seeds we are continuously fascinated by what could be nature’s greatest miracle, the Cannabis plant. The world of extreme close – up photography presented itself as another, largely unexplored way to show its intricate details and mind blowing shapes and patterns. With special thanks to Robert Connell Clarke, good friend of T. A photographic study of 5 T.

Seeds strains, Cannabis photographed like you have never seen it before. Click here to join us on this visual trip from seed to dry flower. One of the first true Super Sativas and one of the corner stones of the T. High THC level, easy to grow and very mold resistant.