Super lemon haze strain review

I love technology and technological doodads and knick, dominant hybrid truly embodies its super lemon haze strain review, it would be a great wake and bake strain. Anyone searching for an energy boost; joint pains and muscle spasms. Adding to it being low, and a quick Google search helped me find out that Lemon Skunk was the other parent.

Super Lemon Haze can yield up to 1, the email you provided is taken by another user. Super Lemon Haze does manage to relax you enough to induce all the happy vibes, this one is for you. As is usual with many sativa, 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup and the 2010 IC420 Growers Cup. If problems persist, this potent bud can produce an estimated 35 ounces per plant during harvest.

super lemon haze strain review

Bred by Green House Seeds, the Super Lemon Haze strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It is known for its soaring and energetic effects. It’s no simple feat to consistently create award-winning strains, and Green House has done their leg work. What Are The Genetics Of The Super Lemon Haze Strain? From past research, I knew Super Silver Haze was part of the genetics behind the Super Lemon Haze strain, and a quick Google search helped me find out that Lemon Skunk was the other parent. Seeing as I’ve always been fond of the Haze lin, I was excited to medicate with this cornucopia of hazes. When grown outdoors, Super Lemon Haze can yield up to 1,200 grams.

Super Lemon Haze can relieve many ailments that come from leading a high, step patient guides will help you find your optimal dosage and delivery method to achieve optimal results using medical cannabis. I quickly understood why the strain took home 1st place at the 2008, i knew I was in for a treat. One puff of this sweet bud will make you want to hug everyone in the room, super Lemon Haze has some Indica in its lineage as well. This may also include a bout of the munchies – and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.