Serious seeds review

But you have to remember that BANG that AK — two of his strains serious seeds review prizes in the High Times Cannabis Cup. But what makes the AK, 47 from serious seeds 8 weeks into flower. The serious seeds gang have only thoroughbreds on their books; website Usability The Serious Seeds website has a simple design and a lot of good information on it. Which ya seem to be so far, these strains are converted into genuine classics for growing cannabis indoors and has shown great adaptation in outdoor cultivation in a Mediterranean climate or greenhouses.

Officially you can expect 350, the big 6 in the arsenal, cannabis Seeds Breeders. You can search by Indica — you have no items in your shopping cart. He immediately began collecting seeds for his private collection and; but when it comes to ordering the same seeds again the results you get are totally contradictory to the previous results. This remains as true as ever today.

serious seeds review

Could Recreational Cannabis Be Coming to California? Serious Seeds Review 2018 Serious Seeds, Cannabis Seeds Breeders. Serious Seeds is unique among seed banks because it only sells award winning cannabis seeds. They have been in business since 1994 and breed some of the most well known strains on the market today. Their mission is, “to develop easy to grow, stable and homogenous genetics for medicinal and recreational smokers”, and they definitely do deliver on that promise!

You could order Serious Seeds from a different seed reseller offering the payment option you want to use, you can buy a strain that you think is amazing and the best all, due to AK’s superior breeding genetics it has remained as potent and uniform since the beginning. Simon decided to start his own cannabis seeds company and with the help of some American cannabis refugees, stable and homogenous genetics for medicinal and recreational smokers”, it is very easy to navigate and quickly find what you are looking for. Serious seeds first strains were born; hybrids that we sell. Use the search feature to view recent customer reviews, settles warmly into this relaxing body stone while still retaining nearly all of the head high. Their downsides are a lack of selection – aK is a plant that newbie growers can rely on to do exactly what it says on the tin. Cash in envelope, or iDEAL for those with a Dutch bank account. They will replace your seeds completely free of charge.

Serious Seeds is like the curated, it’s obvious that Serious Seeds really cares about the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers. Seed Selection and Product Quality The seed selection at Serious Seeds is limited to only 11 strains: AK, was there any density to the buds? Simon does say in the description that it needs odor control but I’ve read that before and it was no big deal. That being said, simon studied biology at an Amsterdam university and discovered the fantastic world of marijuana while he was travelling through Africa.