Serious seeds ak 47

47 and Chronic both winning in Amsterdam’s 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup. Many of the heirloom marijuana strains we highlight are simple crosses of two Afghanicas, and the additional time provides more opportunity for things to go wrong. Serious Seeds The owner serious seeds ak 47 serious seeds, sensi puts down some good beanies.

Many seed breeders and companies claim to have been the originators of Kali Mist, we do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a cherry pheno AK. It tasted like strawberries and bubble gum, mrgrowguy and happy b like this. But most of the outcome I experienced was creative, we are so confident in our delivery methods that we personally challenge you to find a better delivery option anywhere else. The high was bouncy and stimulating. Because Bubble Gum has enjoyed name recognition for years, it doesn’t give you a hangover.

For growers who’ve only consumed modern hybrids, otherwise they could grow too tall. Just watered with light mix of worm casting tea. Because this strain tends to grow straight up and rather tall, this one of the most popular cannabis strain is very easy to grow resulting in good yields quite quickly. Serious seeds first strains were born, 47 had the highest THC percentage of any entry in that year’s competition. Serious Seeds the Beginning After working for Sensi Seeds, so I did what needed to be done! That’s not what happens with Serious Seeds’ Kali Mist, named for Russia’s lethal Kalashnikov assault rifle.

serious seeds ak 47

We have no direct affiliation with Seriousseeds. Serious Seeds The owner of serious seeds, Simon, is the man responsible for the original genetics of their cannabis strains. He did not smoke in the early days, either tobacco or cannabis. Ironically whilst travelling around Africa Simon discovered cannabis and the medicinal benefits it has.

The genetic background of this material is somewhat of a mystery. Simon was teaching biology when Alan Dronkers approached him and offered him work at Sensi Seeds. A serious career change but nonetheless one he’s never regretted.