Sensi seeds northern lights grow

And growers took sensi seeds northern lights grow risk every day they kept live plants. Im going to be growing outside.

It doesn’t stretch nearly as much during bloom phase as most other strains do, and the branches can handle its very large buds without snapping or needing trellising or scrogging, a compact plant with a good yield. Gonna buy it again for sure and recomend all growrrs too, customer service is the best i have seen on the internet. We had big healthy plants with an excelent yield, 1 did not break the soil but the 2 that didwow they grow fast I mean really fast, how did you like the Sensi Seeds service? Breeding between stellar examples of the three original Northern Lights variants, and a balanced high between it’s sativa and indica characteristics. Image of what the perfect High would be like A sweet tangy taste, big Bud and Bud Candy to bring out smell and taste nuances and increase resin production.

Northern Lights, Sensi Seeds or Nirvana? Im going to be growing outside. So whichever one is best in that aspect. 203, much out of my budget for a first grow.