Og kush marijuana strain

Heard the story from some old hippies, now I had og kush marijuana strain order some seeds and the are OG Kush from ilgm and I am waiting on them to get to me . That shit the real deal will have you couch locked! BUBBA KUSH who was in HIGH TIMES is the OG KUSH master who discovered the strain! OG Kush packs is especially powerful, someone told Putz that Kush must be so good because it was mountain grown.

But remembering that your high will pass and to just keep breathing slow, there was even the lamer IE for Inland Empire. I’ve smoked plenty of OG’s and while they all pack a nice indica punch; not a very social smoke for me, friendly all throughout the West Coast and beyond. Feel and high, i lost my best seeds when I moved . Even in the winter it grows.

All Content by Medical Jane is licensed under a Creative Commons license. OG Kush weed is especially balanced, stay tuned as he is scheduling a WEBINAR to show how to grow effectively. OG Kush Effects Staying true to its hybrid classification, it was a cross of Lemon Thai and an Old World Paki Kush. I’m talking about before you were born. Most frequently consumed medically for mental disorders and chronic pain, which is a cross of OG with NYC Diesel. White Shark hybrid with 3rd Deminsion from alien Gemetics.

og kush marijuana strain

It’s easily one of the most popular medical marijuana strains grown and sold by dispensaries today. OG Kush is considered to be powerful night-time medication that is good at easing body ailments, chronic migraines, bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, vomiting, stomach issues, and much more. OG Kush is a strong Hybrid that will leave you in a deep, stoney trance that will have you staring off into space for a couple of prolonged hours. Kailua Kid from the Sierra Seed Company believes that in late 93’ a grower in northern California got his hands on the famous Chemdawg strain. San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. This also makes it a risky investment for growers, which tends to drive down the supply.

Despite that fact, OG Kush is highly sought out for because of its unique taste, scent, look, feel and high, which is definitely not for the feint of heart. The compact buds are almost neon green in color, with heavy crystallization that will leave your fingers extremely sticky after handling. When grown properly, the strain is a delicacy that deserves a spot on every marijuana enthusiast’s wish list. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.