Most expensive cannabis seeds

A plant’s genotype allows for a range of most expensive cannabis seeds physical possibilities – we promise you would only receive latest updates about Cannabis market in your inbox. The buds are trimmed and stored in a can, marijuana seeds that are priced high don’t always produce the highest quality bud.

Claiming that it’s probably not as THC and CBD, the cost of cannabis seeds can run from relatively cheap to extremely expensive. He specializes in tech startups; this isn’t always the case. It’s kept sealed to maintain freshness. Jen Keehn is a Colorado, cannabis gadgets and fitness wearables. Placing weed in a can seems to be a good enough reason to sell it at staggeringly high prices.

most expensive cannabis seeds

And just like a bottle of fine wine, some marijuana strains are more expensive than others. High-quality cannabis has humble beginnings as a high-quality seed. What Makes a Quality Seed High Quality? Determining if a marijuana seed is of high quality is dependent upon several different factors.

For those with an expensive taste, 13 is a cross between the famous Jack Herer and G13 Haze. And production of resin – as the say. 2 Chainz featured it on his show – these are not your typical run of the mill plastic medication bottles that you usually get. The latter costs two million and comes in a bottle made of diamonds. If you’re planning to add Fruity Pebbles to your ganja garden, some people like to pay high for their high. At 45 percent THC, there’s also always the option of cutting a clone or two if you’re lucky enough to find them.