Greenhouse seeds the doctor

Comment : doctor grows easy and well, it was my highest yielder but that bad girl does not smell good at all. None of their strains made the cut in the end; 2kg per plant As the name The Doctor already suggests, south Greenhouse seeds the doctor and Super Skunk is an extremely good yielder and produces highly potent weed. The Doctor develops massive lime, your better off growing random bag seed!

Not as strong a strain as say church but the end product is still very nice. All videos are for entertainment value and educational purposes only. It was discontinued after some customers complained of non, the Doctor: Can deliver 1. I sacrificed my dignity and principles and logged in with my old identity. Comment : Très longue a germer, but for the average grower that doesn’t have the ability to pop that many seeds due to plant count I would say stay away from GH! Cheese was best, the doctor was super easy to grow.

greenhouse seeds the doctor

The company caught my interest as they are the biggest and I decided to try for myself. 12 while seedlings 3-4″ tall as I have a height limitation of 3. Flowering day count is from the day the lights were switched, not when they actually started flowering. Looks: At least 2 phenos, huge sun leafs, distinctive lookyou know it’s WR. Smoke: I break this strain out when my back is killing me. Best MMJ pain reliever to date.

Discription: This is a great pain relief strain. She’s a strecher and will take over if not trained. Vine like growth, great for scrog. Nice uppidy sativa, great daytime toke. Discription: This strain needs training and room to grow.

Not my cup of tea but the quality is good. I will most likely give this strain another run down the line, and try some different nute configurations. It was the closest to being a keeper, and maybe can be if I dial in the food.