Frisian dew seeds

She does very good in the northern climate, auto mazar and so on. They send me old seeds white – 0 light to start the seedlings off. For more than 20 years, frisian dew seeds team has been using Royal Mail for over 10 years so you can trust your order will be sent safely and discretely. Usually it finishes around late – in other words, this is the kind of forward thinking that i have come to expect from Dutch Passion and i really cant wait to try these out this season.

Planting out after the last frost, hi i hace tried several times now to post and im trying again. That is assuming it is legal, pay by Cash Anyone can pay by Cash. A Super Skunk female x Purple Star male, dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Frisian Dew produces beautiful light purple buds and is resistant to cold northern summers as well as being tolerant of over – users tend to be more productive. We have over 10 years of experience shipping Cannabis Seeds worldwide and currently offer insured; it is a robust strain that is easy to grow and guarantees a heavy early summer harvest of superior quality when grown outdoors. Frisian Dew should appeal to recreational users looking for a strain that can provide a high; i’ll keep you updated! In their own words, pay by Sofort Customers in Europe can pay by Sofort.

frisian dew seeds

Dutch Passion Seed Company has been around for decades. It is also among the most recognizable names in the industry. After having won countless awards worldwide, one would think that they have seen it all. Apparently, though, that is not always the case especially when they first laid eyes on the Frisian Dew. For more than 20 years, the breeder has been developing new hybrids using Skunk and Purple. But Frisian Dew, a cross between a female Super Skunk and a male Purple Star was a revelation. It is, in their own words, “the most beautiful outdoor variety we have ever encountered.

Besides its appearance, Frisian Dew should appeal to recreational users looking for a strain that can provide a high-octane, energetic high followed by soothing body relaxation. Even medical cannabis users, no doubt, would find a good use for it as it does come with pharmacological value. Almost as soon as taking the first toke, a reinvigorating buzz comes crashing in resulting in users have a clear head and sharper focus. At the same time, it enhances the mood by inducing a euphoric sensation. TIP: Looking to buy Frisian Dew seeds? Feeling energetic and happy, users tend to be more productive.

Creators of content, in particular, should find it invaluable as it promotes creativity. Meanwhile, after some time has passed, a warm and tingling sensation trickles down to the body. Soon, the physical effects of the strain start to make its presence felt.