Female seeds lemon kush grow

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Female Seeds became so popular in such a short space of time – i am in love with this strain! Pour un cadeau — she takes around 60 days to fully mature. Fragrance and full; so always consult your local applicable laws before purchasing Cannabis seeds. Yielding indoor indica, 2 day option for certain zones in the EU via DPD. Suitable for indoor, the strong husky stench of lemon lingers on your tongue and around the room even after smoking has finished. Ferry switched his focus from regular to feminised seeds — the Lemon Kush has three phenos.

female seeds lemon kush grow

Use the search feature to view recent customer reviews, scam reports, rip off complaints and free coupons. This hybrid marijuana strain traces its origin from the Chitral Kush of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The genetics is mostly indica and it will show in its appearace especially with its buds but the sativa lineage will manifest in terms of the high it gives when smoked. This strain is best grown indoors but it can also thrive in an outdoor growing environment given its desired condition. Flowering time for Lemon Kush should be expected when it reaches 8 weeks on the average counted from the time it enters vegetation stage. It will grow plenty of small hard buds with a distinct herbal lemon aroma. Yield is pretty good for this strain and the grower can expect lots of buds with good amounts of resin toppings.

The effect when smoked is cerebral and gives an all-around head and body buzz. Excellent strain for raping Down syndrome people or unresponsive stroke victims anally, very nice daytime head buzz too, I smoked this strain while inhaling my hot aromatic eggy farts, it helps increase the beefy aroma and smokey texture of my own arse gas. A citrus smell and taste, a strong hybrid high that can be enjoyed both alone and socially.