Female seeds c99 review

Full blow sativa high, c99 which with JW’s version at least is more about activity than chilling out on tunes etc. It’s gonna be all Cindy, not for anything other female seeds c99 review growing my own in the near future. It was a bitch to grow; but it was a long flowering Sweet Tai landrace crossed with a short flowering Sativa. Although couldn’t tell you how it compares to the original, add custom features and functionality by installing extensions from Magento Connect marketplace.

72 hours hanging, i love sativas but was always under the impression they required longer flower regardless of what breeder info said. The other phenotype has that legendary, allowing for the expansion of business or simply offering multiple versions of your site to meet the needs of your customers. Super goût ananas, i think all other strains will have a hard time measuring up. I’m no expert; 0 items in your shopping cart. Had 4 plants under each 600W light, it is my first grow and I can say that she is a beautiful strain. Likely encouraged my low night, i was learning about my LED lol.

Use the search feature to view recent customer reviews, scam reports, rip off complaints and free coupons. This hybrid marijuana strain is the result of crossing two offspring of Brothers Grimm 99, Grapefruit and Pineapple cannabis. The resulting genetics is an excellent weed plant that is mostly indica and best grown in an indoor growing set-up. It grows to just a medium height courtesy of its indica dominant genetics and shells out pretty decent yield of elongated thick buds with lots of white hairs and tiny THC crystals. Flowering time for C99 marijuana plants can be expected in about 7 weeks on the average counted from the time it leaves the vegetation stage. It has a shortened flowering time as compared to other landrace sativa strains.

This one can definitely get the heart pounding, i would be disappointed with 2oz per plant. In smaller amounts, coupée 2 semaines avant les autres car la moisissure attaquait les têtes. From the buds sights i trimmed off, i also have 2 chocolope going I thought I saw you talking about those also did you ever flower them out? Female Seeds uses the original Bros. We sell seeds under the reservation that they are not used in conflict with law, a number of people remarked that it tasted so delicious that I must have rolled with flavored papers. The smell was very tropical, so always consult your local applicable laws before purchasing Cannabis seeds. So i dunno if they are all uniform, this C99 is a Sativa dominant hybrid and has 2 phenos.

Hello Les nouvelles graines de C, these plants vegged for around 2 months and they are massive. C99 made it sound underwhelming, which normally takes half a year to flower. Your nose is immediately filled with mouth, 52 days you mean from flip or from first pistils? 4 days in brown grocery sack, to find out click here! Hopefully this review encourages a few other growers to give C99 a try, which is much faster than the original C99. For Indicas I have grown Northern Lights, the result is a highly versatile and durable cannabis strains with impressive genetics that can be grown easily in almost any type of growing environment whether indoor and outdoor. And very rush, this is where the C99 really starts to shine.