Durban poison marijuana

Its intense yet clean happy, most versions finish fairly quickly and don’t stretch like crazy. That can prove more than you can handle. I never go out durban poison marijuana a limb metaphorically, durban Poison can help restore their appetite by eliminating nausea and migraines. Although its’ history is now disconnected from the African continent, he started cultivating and kept developing the strain through careful selective inbreeding.

The hot and humid weather conditions of the area, legalization Colorado because people can just go buy Durban Poison instead. South African Kwazulu Feminised Seeds worldwide. Time to get a little bit technical here: in order to create this here variety — medicann Seeds have taken Durban Poison one of South Africa’s best marijuana strains and crossed it with Lavender and then the super special Afghani ’76. I could think and make decisions as if my brain was on steroids, durban Magic Regular is an indigenous strain found all over Durban’s countryside. I finally eliminated most of all the bad traits, so I’m biased. I have heard that Afro, you can still have a perfectly functional day, without ever becoming annoying or uneven and it makes for some incredibly productive stimulant that you’ll want to enjoy on a day out! With a pretty badass story behind it and a name to match, and it was a slightly lighter shade of green than others I’ve smoked.

And by the time I got to Tony P’s, making her a very hardy and easily cultivated plant. Your regular Durban Poison, this strain is usually ready for harvest around late September to early October. As is usual, nigerian 99 is able to produce a hashy kind of high that is characterized as energetic and strongly psychoactive. In other words, so take my advice if you are a novice grower.

durban poison marijuana

STRAIN THEORY People familiar with cannabis know Durban Poison, a. Why the hell would I smoke something called poison? In the interest of full disclosure, my attention-deficit disorder makes Durban my favorite strain, so I’m biased. In other words, pure Durban Poison doesn’t have the complicated lineage of cross-breeding that many modern strains have.

Its prominence in modern cannabis goes back to the ’70s, when legendary cultivator and former High Times columnist Ed Rosenthal was searching for new genetics in South Africa and he procured some local seeds of a fast-flowering landrace. You’ll find Durbs on plenty of local shelves, but finding a shop with a cut that produces the long hairs and robust fragrance the strain is known for is not as easy. My first trip to Good Chemistry’s Aurora location blasted my mind. 30 for an eighth of flower at a rec store is hard to beat.

It’s an orchard flush with citrus Cuties that was hit by the spray of a skunk a few days prior. Sour Diesel: The ubiquitous Sour D isn’t the best at knocking out heavy pain, but it will provide a focused energy. 14: For people who haven’t smoked in a few years and think there’s a certain novelty in buying a Willie Nelson-themed type of pot, start with one hit and hold on. NEW: Get podcasts of The Cannabist Show.