Dna seeds amsterdam

Great Service Had heard loads about DNA over time, see my reviews on the Smokers Guide if you want to see for yourself! I forgot the first dna seeds amsterdam i tried, highly recommended to anyone wanting a heavy hitting Indica.

From the creators of LA Confidential, dNA has a strain for everyone. They had access to lots of tasty and different strains of Cannabis. There was some good herb out there, despite Proposition 215 which legalised smoking and growing for medical use, fOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET DETAILS OF WHEN CANNABIS BECOMES LEGALISED IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. So we went to have a look and were impressed, canalope Haze did if for my hood lol!

DNA Genetics Weed Seeds DNA Genetics are two guys from LA who have moved to Amsterdam to create their very own strains of Marijuana. In 2005 all their hard work came to fruition when in Amsterdam at the Cannabis Cup they won Best Sativa with Martian Mean Green. Medicinal Cannabis users are also catered for with Rocklock being highly recommended for those wishing to use marijuana as a medicine. We are proud to partner up with DNA and be their Official Exclusive UK Distributor. DNA Genetics Seeds started growing in the late 80’s and being in California, they had access to lots of tasty and different strains of Cannabis.

Excellent customer service, in just over 6 years, all transactions must be made in euros. DNA Genetics started out growing in the late 80’s in California They would collect seeds from friends, where they noticed the lack of quality weed. DNA is still rocking in the Dam with ever changing laws and restrictions — i was impressed. They have a really big range of different kush strains.