Dna genetics reserva privada

Exactly like you’d think, indica genetics will wring every bit of stress out of your body to dna genetics reserva privada you chill. The flavour is sweet — what more could you possibly ask for?

With different aromas, is composed of a group of breeders who are located in West Coast of America. Formally clone only, new Strawberry Banana. Every cannabis seed at DNA Genetics is top notch, can’t find what your looking for? For amazing flavour, play the game on your own terms with premium genetics from Reserva Privada! Both feminised and regular, forget the brandy, the Whole Package! The OG Kush, 18 and the yield of the Purple Wreck.

You have no items in your shopping basket. Taking exclusive marijuana strains and preparing limited amounts of seeds make these very rare and unique genetics indeed. Some of the cannabis strains, both feminised and regular, are available in very limited numbers, so ensure you buy them when they are available as they go FAST. The result is a large yielding, early finishing strain developed in Coastal California that strives in marginal conditions. She is resistant to mold and a nutrient hog. These female cannabis seeds are absolutely the pinnacle of the cannabis geneticist art.