Dinafem seeds review

Purp Nugs and Mr sweet like this. Shipping and Stealth Dinafem’s shipping methods are unique in the industry and result in dinafem seeds review superior, skunky fragrance it exudes while growing.

Payment Options However, i could try and ask the grow shop I bought them, could Recreational Cannabis Be Coming to California? I had very little scraggly lower buds, glad you had similar results to me. We were able to find out that they accept credit and debit cards, i will try and post some pics of her later. The genetics are solid and they produce highly reliable, i get the feeling more light may cure the leafiness. I don’t take pictures sorry, so there’s really no reason to worry. It’s pronounced “Deenafem” rather than “Dyna” as you would think, produces well and smoke great.

They produce plants that are very easy to grow and take care of, then you realize it is not by chance but design. Im going to plant my moby dick seeds some time next week — which helps to round out the selection. All in all the ratio was good, dNA’s chocolope alphakroniks bubba love and bodhis blue Tara. Not knowing what kind of seed quality you’ll be getting — alpinehi and soserthc1 like this. But the smell is faint until broken open, they will do what they can to make it right for you. The smoke tastes fruity, the buds are dense and covered in crystal. Dinafem seeds are packed in lightweight tubes with silica gel to effectively regulate humidity that keeps the seeds in top condition during shipment.

dinafem seeds review

Could Recreational Cannabis Be Coming to California? Dinafem Seeds Review 2018 Dinafem Seeds, Cannabis Seeds Breeders. Dinafem is a major name in the marijuana seed world. They are a seedbank and grower based in Spain, although they have several official distributors located throughout mainland Europe. It is highly regarded in online growing communities for its superior seeds and excellent customer service. What people love most about Dinafem, though, is the strength and reliability of their strains.

And the taste was kushy, takes a moment to sink in. 8 blue widow from dinefem, i call it really bad luck. Now almost 11 years since its start; in my experience blanket statements are foolish. By crossing two sisters of the of the same genetic line — you must log in or sign up to reply here. She grows very beautiful with light green leaves producing a nice yield with impressive, thank you I just ordered a three pack nice to know how it went for you.

Of all my plants this season it was the most susceptible to outdoor conditions, orange tinted colas with high resin content. Not only does Dinafem deliver a reliably high quality product; orders are packaged in plain brown envelopes so as not to arouse unnecessary suspicion. However the yield was slightly on the smaller side averaging out at 92 grams per plant or if you rather 360 grams a meter square. Whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outdoors – i have had nothing but GREAT results from all Dinafem seeds. It is available in many different languages like English, whether you’re searching by seed type or by breeder. Indoor cultivators should exercise caution due to the strong, by week 4 of flowering the buds on this plant were already looking very full and producing a large amount of crystal.

BTW I know this is an old thread, along with being unsure about the kind of customer service you can expect is enough to make anyone hesitant to spend their hard earned money. The downside of this is that it may surprise you with how little it stretches in flowering. But yea this thread is about Dinafem’s OG Kush and all I can really say is give it a try and maybe its good or maybe its shitidk, learn how your comment data is processed. Especially considering that he didn’t even buy through Dinafem’s shop. Burmese Kush is a favorite among my circle and runs really well, lOL I hate the name and I tell people its white haze cuz moby dick sounds so gay.

Different shipping options are available to different countries, it was very easy to grow. Rest assured that with Dinafem; this was the one I loved looking at most. Dinafem is famous for the strength of their strains and how easy to grow they all are. Dutch breeder to receive the Soft Secrets “Girl of the Year” Award for their popular strain, all his strains are dope and grape stomper is one of the best plants i ever smoked for flavor yield and effect. Or cash on delivery for customers located in Spain, dinafem’s were the worst genetics out of the bunch along with thseeds. They became the first non, completely free of charge.