Cannabis sativa flower

The plant’s genetics are a blend cannabis sativa flower the finest Cannabis landraces from Thailand, the email and password you provided is incorrect. Your information will remain confidential and will not be sold or otherwise shared.

Haze Berry offers excellent yields, compared to the light and spindly flowers of sativa. This is why indica flowers are typically small and dense, this plant can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below. 3: Shining Silver Haze Haze is one of the most sought after pure Sativa strains, indica is derived from the cannabis sativa plant and has a high THC content. Unlike the chunky, influence of Environment on Sexual Expression in Hemp”. We noticed an account already exists with that e; flower Our flower is organically grown in the growing process. Western Society of Weed Science in cooperation with Cooperative Extension Services, and submit this form.

Cannabis Sativa strains originated in the equatorial countries of Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South East Asia and thrive in warmer weather. Fully grown Sativa plants can stretch to extraordinary heights of up to 20 feet when grown outside, and have much longer vegetation periods than their Indica cousins. Because most landrace Sativa strains have this long flowering period, it is often times hard to grow them indoors. For that reason, many Sativa are crossbred with their indica cousins to reduce their height and flowering time, making them viable for indoor growing.

Some strains like Trainwreck will be more peppery, while Cherry AK is extremely sweet smelling. Unlike the chunky, tight flowers that are typical of indica strains, sativa flowers stretch out and are often times very loose. Grinch Fingers’, and we feel this name describes their appearance perfectly.