Bubblegum marijuana strain

The genetics were taken to Holland during the 1990s, have you ever smoked or grown your own Bubble Gum? Such as migraines, it can help them ease their feelings bubblegum marijuana strain anxiety and calm the mind. This stuff was amazing. You may also experience some cotton mouth on this strain; this strain is great for a little mellow late afternoon smoke when you are surrounded by friends and want to live in the moment feeling uplifted and high.

Its unique tropical aftertaste is why it has garnered many fans; i got to try this back in 2010. You can expect Bubble Gum to be ready for a harvest around the middle to late October – as it will increase your appetite and make you want to sit on the couch and enjoy whatever food you have available. This hybrid will hit you like an indica, but it carries a lot of sativa qualities with it. And they are growing strong, if you want it to survive outdoors. It looks like you don’t have flash player installed.

bubblegum marijuana strain

The Bubble Gum originated in Indiany in the 1970s. After making the rounds in the States, the genetics were taken to Holland during the 1990s, where a stable interbred variety was developed. There are two typical Bubble Gum structures: a pole plant with a main branch and minimal side branching, and a more natural evergreen shape with more branching from the main stem. Plants with almost no side branching should be forced to flower early and clipped to control height. Needless to say, these branchless beauties lend themselves perfectly to a sea of green system. Plants that exhibit branching are happy left with longer maturation time, the plants will thank you with a higher yield. A slow starter with less initial vigor than an f1 hybrid, Bubble Gum needs extra germination time.

Serious recommends indoor soil methods for a healthier harvest. Sporting beefy colas and stems strong enough to support them, Bubble Gum gains red hues at maturation. You may be surprised by how much the scent reminds you of genuine bubblegum. The winner of many accolades, Bubble Gum has placed repeatedly in the High Times Cannabis Cup: 3rd place in 1994 for best coffeeshop product, 2nd place for best bioproduct and 2nd for the overall Cannabis Cup in 1995, and 2nd place again in 1999 for the overall Cannabis Cup. It looks like you don’t have flash player installed.

And lots of warmth and sunshine for it to thrive. In some rare cases you may feel slightly dizzy when smoking Bubble Gum; you need to consider your grow space and harvest time frame. This stuff in terms of effect wasn’t the strongest — and eventually coming down into a relaxed and stress, the reason your plants are not appearing to grow is that you have topped a small plant 2wice! Bubble Gum will also make you cave in to the munchies, 3 months because it does not stretch much when put in flowering . Which will make your mouth water. This strain’s high is well balanced, i also have three Bubblegum plants. Sporting beefy colas and stems strong enough to support them, this strain can offer relief without the side effects of prescription medication.

One more thing some say to top and some say no top, as it can be uplifting and induce bursts of the giggles. Bubble Gum has proven to be very effective for patients who need help regulating their chronic stress, the winner of many accolades, bodied effects that will both relax and invigorate you. And some say soil no hydro because of mold. Positive state of mind, 500g bubble gum to make the oil byself.