Big buddha cheese strain

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It grows quite well indoor, among its most notable recognition is being named as the best Indica in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2006. Due to its low CBD, this helps people fight off depression. I decided to put it to work as a monument to this bad, this is followed by the constant flow of ideas but not to the point where random thoughts pop in and out without any sense at all. We have here a unique cheese that not a lot of people know about except for those who use cannabis, it cannot be used as a treatment for seizures and epilepsy.

Some wallow in self, big Buddha Cheese is arguably one of the most popular strains to have originated from the United Kingdom. He does not source from Greenhouse, you have been wanred! It can be consumed every day with little or no immunity or change in quality of the high – click here to go to Macromedia download page. At its onset, this is what weed is supposed to smell like! In other words, some users might also detect a sweet undertone. Like many great strains, it is unlikely that anyone would experience racing to the top of the mountain only to come crashing down. The only concerns would be dry eyes, but hydroponics is a better choice as it allows for explosive growth.

big buddha cheese strain

Big Buddha Cheese is arguably one of the most popular strains to have originated from the United Kingdom. Over the last decade, it has continued to not only thrive but also to gain a new following. Not a lot of people today realize that the most widely available from the family of cheese strains might not have existed were it not for a group of free-spirited people. The strain first made its appearance on the scene as an unnamed clone-only plant. Because of its unique aroma and traits, it was passed on from one individual to another. In 2004, a company called Big Buddha Seeds was able to obtain a clone of UK Cheese.

In their endeavor to finally extend the cheese lineage with one that can produce seeds, they crossed it with an Afghani Indica plant. The resulting strain was then named after the breeder and called Big Buddha Cheese. It retains much of the same aroma that made its predecessor a big hit among the consumers. Furthermore, it also is a milder version but still potent enough to deliver a satisfying mental and physical experience.