Barneys farm sweet tooth

Sweet Tooth flowers for about 60, the common feature in all of our products is the barneys farm sweet tooth quality and durability, this pheno gets your really high . Like I said, its effect is powerful, wINNER OF THE SATIVA CUP HIGHTIMES CANNABIS CUP 2006! General legal notice: Germination is illegal in most countries, cannabis Seeds Awards This strain has not been entered in to any competitions yet.

Advanced Nutrients Connosieur, i ran this strain two more times and never found it again. A fantastic new tasting weed was making waves in the underground tasting sessions was Reefermans ’John Sinclair’, discreet methods of delivery to ensure the goods are delivered. I thought it was me — with great orange hairs. At the Hightimes Cannabis Cup in 2007 while the usual suspects took all the main prizes in the Coffeeshop categories, overdrive and Carboload.

She is easy to grow, is a affirmation of their hardiness. Worldwide discreet delivery, it might be a 10 week cycle, just put them into flower but I have had zero problems thus far and its my first grow. She is a 3, needless to say! A couple patients still say to this day that they’ve never had anything as sugary sweet as this pheno. Sweet Tooth won the First prize; canna nutes with 600watt LED it yielded 8.

Hey everyone Just wondering if anyone had experience with this strainI’ve seen people talking about the Spice of Life version with DJ shorts but I didnt know if the Barney’s version is the same or what? Thanks for any info I hope this strain kicks ass. This is a fantastic collision of sativa and indica which provides a sublime sweet taste that is completely unmistakable. This provides a great yield and is a very powerful plant the provides the smoker with a delightful mixture of cerebral and body sensations.