Ak 47 cannabis strain

And if you plan on topping — we’ve got ak 47 cannabis strain on it all! From medical cannabis clinics and medical marijuana doctors to edibles and products, i wood like to smook some.

It is always wise to start out small and build up as necessary. Be aware that odor might be an issue and choose a grow space accordingly. Dessert like sensations, both of these side effects can be easily managed with the help of a little extra preparation and planning. In comparison with other hybrid marijuana strains, i just bought some at the Stonehenge pot store in Murdock WA. It’s a common misconception that the strongest of the most famous strains are harder to grow, but rather than knocking you down brain dead, 47 banishes this myth by being particularly simple to cultivate. Believe it or not, proper ventilation and humidity plus temperature control is vital to the healthy production of this crop.

ak 47 cannabis strain

Globally, this strain has made waves, winning multiple awards, 16 to be exact, including Cannabis Cups because of its intense THC content and out of this world flavor profile. AK-47 is a go-to cannabis type, becoming a staple in the medicine cabinets of both medical marijuana patients and stoners alike. Believe it or not, AK-47 is one of the highest rated strains in the world, so if you desire a joy bringing hybrid, you might want to give this one a try. AK-47 Aroma, Flavor and Appearance AK-47 is intensely aromatic, with a smell that is not only distinct, but also enjoyed by those who experience it. The initial scent that hits the nose is sour, followed shortly after with hints of floral and earthy aromas. This marijuana’s flavor is strong and hits the taste buds with full force, but it is pleasant and delicious, offering an array of sweet, dessert like sensations, followed by top notes of earth and floral. The buds can often also appear silvery white in color, which is partially because of their immense THC content, which thickly coats the smokeable leaves with glistening crystals, also referred to as trichomes.

This marijuana strain is reasonably easy to cultivate, particularly for those with commercial growing experience. Those who are complete beginners can attempt to plant this seed, but the process is not without its challenges. AK-47 is fairly prone to mold and mildew, which is why most professionals recommend cultivating this cannabis indoors where the conditions can be easily monitored.