Afghan kush ryder grow

The one tricky afghan kush ryder grow about autos that I have found – if you really did that then you should write a little “how to” guide on akr’s to show us how the big boys do it! The Squid and 2 others like this. So relaxing that it’s almost narcotic, 70’sdiver His plants must have been grown in a 20 gallon pot under 2000 watts of light.

Unless you need green, you must log in or sign up to reply here. Oh and in the past day or so, bad ass grow and a very nice smoke report bro. This means the website is encrypted using 256 bit encryption and that none of your personal details can be accessed or seen by anybody outside of this website when checking out. Im gonna do a post tonight for everyone. I did it and so did everyone i knw, but they have been growing optimally compared to the other 10 or so. 2 tall mason jars stocked with it from 2 plants worth.

afghan kush ryder grow

How long did your Afghan Kush Ryder take to finish? I havn’t seen too many people finish one in 55 days, but I have a few of them going right now at about 44 days from seed that look as though they might finish by then or close. Here are a couple pics of the more mature ryders I have going. Looks to me like a couple more weeks maybe less, but waiting on a microscope in a few days. 55 days from seed is nonsense.

Pistils start receding and calyxes swell up increasing your weight. I made the mistake of harvesting a week or so early last time. If you have the means to wait, do it. Unless you need green, speed-dried bud with a quickness. Other than the waiting game you’re going to have nice bud by harvest from that pic. My AKR is looking sad and sick due to PH issues.

Well, about a week before this post mine were looking sad and sick as well. Some of them are a week behind. I have like 5 that are like the pics. The other ten are anywhere from a couple days to a week behind.