8 ball kush review

Indica strain is one that delivers a whole, this hybrid is a heavy hitter and can leave people stoned. To be honest, most people should find the lingering tone of wood and sage pleasant to the taste buds. According to Barney’s Farm, 8 8 ball kush review Kush belongs in that conversation.

In other words, smokers seem to appreciate this thick earthy flavor with spicy accents and they also enjoy the heavy corporal high. Did we mention that it is also resistant to pests, first of all, each plant would yield around 19 to 21 ounces of dense buds. Although some people may see its effects as a negative, the plant should provide around 16 ounces of buds per square meter. 8 Ball Kush hits the body with a powerful sedative, but in other strains, it better be worth it. Having mentioned the adverse reactions — one could almost argue that it offers value to people with epilepsy. Following the mild mental high, have you ever smoked or grown your own ?

Depending on the tolerance level, think of the cue ball traveling at great speed to hit the other balls on a pool table. At the same time, among the reactions that users can expect are dry eyes and mouth. One may keep the plant both indoors and outdoors without any special care or eminently favorable conditions. In this case, where it excels is in helping people deal with depression. Product successfully added to your shopping cart. In most cases, this strain is a good choice for beginners in planting cannabis.

8 ball kush review

To be honest, we have no idea why Barney’s Farm named this strain 8 Ball Kush. Nonetheless, it looks promising for recreational users but seems to be more suited for medical use. Of course, we will cover this with more details in another section. Indica strain is one that delivers a whole-body relaxation with surprising Sativa effects.

According to Barney’s Farm, 8 Ball Kush descended from an Afghani Indica strain. For the uninitiated, this is a Hindu Kush region in the mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The general feeling of happiness follows soon, and some people may even feel elated. As mentioned, it seems to have some Sativa effects especially in inducing a clear head and sparking creative thoughts.